DAV Model School Sector - 15, Chandigarh

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House System  

The students are being imparted quality education by a team of highly qualified and dedicated Staff in the school. The study of mere text books doesn’t go a long way. An all round development and education awakens the mind and kindles the light of knowledge. The school provides an apt environment and immense opportunities for each child to exhibit their talents. To identify and enhance the potentials of the student community of the school, the students are divided into 4 houses named after legendry patriots of India.

Bhagat Singh House Rajguru House
Sukhdev house Laxmi Bai house

Each house is under the care of a Teacher Captain, Vice Captain and a team of teachers.  Student Captain, Vice-Captain lead their respective houses and are accountable to their House Mistress for maintaining discipline in the school.
The early years are formative and impressionable years in a child’s life, so to channelize their energies and to mould the personality of the children ,house activities are organized throughout the year.  They not only develop their creative talent but also generate innovative ideas to face the challenges in life.
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