DAV Model School Sector - 15, Chandigarh

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Sports Complex  
Games and sports play an important role in the life of a child. To prepare the students for life and leadership, DAV-15 firmly believes in the holistic development of students. To help them learn and grow in all spheres of life we strive to provide an environment that is conducive to learning both inside and outside the classroom. Sports are considered as an integral part of students stay in the school. We encourage the students to participate in physical activities as it improves physical and emotional growth of students.
We believe in the saying “The will to conquer is the first condition to victory”.
It takes a lot of hard work to reach the top but it takes more grit and determination to stay there. Apt guidance, a lot of sweat and toil goes into the making of sportsboys and girls of the school who go on to bring laurels to the institution and to the country. We firmly believe that ‘Chance and valour are blended in one’. We motivate and prepare them to be on the lookout for the former and grab it with valour and courage. The desire to excel, win and to rise upwards is an inherent part of our sports boys and girls.
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