DAV Model School Sector - 15, Chandigarh

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Leave Rules  
  • 75% attendance is compulsory as per CBSE rules for every student.
  • Half day or short leave is not allowed on working days (except in case of emergency)
  • Leave up to three days will be sanctioned by the class teacher, more than that the leave should be sanctioned by the Principal on the recommendation of the coordinator.
  • In case of emergency, student must inform the school authorities and later submit the application otherwise the student will be marked absent.
  • The leave application should be signed by the parents or guardian. 
  • Name will be struck off the school rolls if the student remains absent for six days without any intimation. 
  • In case of serious and infectious ailment i.e. chicken pox, conjunctivitis, the parents are advised not to send their ward to school and inform the concerned class teacher or the coordinator. 
  • Sick leave must be followed by a medical certificate from a qualified doctor.
  • On all school functions and examination, attendance is compulsory.
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