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Laboratory Rules  

(Science, Computer, Multimedia, Language, Maths, Sports, Art, Music)

  • Social networking is strictly prohibited.
  • No downloading is allowed without the permission of the concerned person.
  • Pen drives, USBs are not permitted without the permission of teacher, CDs can be used to avoid any virus or scam.
  • Students are advised to operate all the lab accessories strictly under supervision of concerned teachers.
  • Shut down the computer after use .
  • Damage due to mishandling is not appreciated; strict action will be taken against the defaulter. 
  • Be vigilant and alert while conducting experiments.
  • Handle the apparatus carefully.
  • Do not tamper unnecessarily with electric appliances.
  • Do not leave the burners on and taps running after finishing the experiments.
  • Be in your Lab coats in Chemistry lab.
  • Do not misuse or play with chemicals.
  • Report all accidents, injuries to your teacher.
  • Be alert and proceed with caution at all times in the lab.
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