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Life Skill and Value Education  
Nurturing------------‘Aware, Responsible and Empowered Learners’
DAV 15 endeavors to impart Life Skills and Value Education to enable young learners to imbibe the sublime elements of our rich culture and heritage. It is imperative to instill values at the most impressionable and formative years of a student’s life. If the impressionable mind once gets set to achieve noble goals, it can never go astray. At the school level emphasis is laid on the practical part of all the academic and co –curricular activities which go a long way to build up an atmosphere for holistic development. The school plays a major and decisive role in orienting values by precept as well as by example. It is the intellectual, the physical, the emotional and the psychological part of the child’s personality which would be molded and modelled
In the academic calendar, the school provides a rich platform for young learners to enrich themselves by participating in debates, declamations, poster making, quiz, CBSE projects such as ‘Earn while you Learn’’etc. Many Inter House and Inter Class competitions provide them a platform to realize their innate talents and capabilities. All these activities help the young learner to develop their thinking skills which include decision making / problem solving and information gathering skills. The young learner also gets skilled at evaluating the future consequences of their present actions and the actions of others. 
Social Skills help in developing interpersonal relationships, effective communication and empathy. The school’s NCC and NSS wing, and Sampada Eco Club provides a channel to inculcate moral values to become environment conscious, considerate and humane. The NSS wing time to time organizes blood donation camps, visit to Old Age Homes to sensitize them towards old people, Swaach Bharat Abhyan to make them aware about cleanliness of surroundings. Plays are staged to create gender sensitivity. National Days and festivals are celebrated to keep the young learners abreast with the rich cultural heritage of the country on one hand and teaching values like sympathy and empathy on the other.
Havans are performed by chanting the holy mantras .This  in turn l helps in  imbibing  religious  values  among students. 
Emotional Skills, an aspect of the Life Skills, assist learners to increase the internal locus of control.   Self awareness, self evaluation, self esteem and the ability to set goals enable them to learn Management skills. Anger, grief and anxiety teach them to cope with loss and trauma. Yoga lessons are imparted in school to create relaxed environment and make them balanced human beings.
In today’s fast changing, competitive world, it is imperative for us to enable children to make purposeful
life and recognize the rights of others. We have counselors to impart life skill education to the students to realize their strengths and weaknesses to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday’s life, through various group and individual counseling sessions. The counselor also provides help for a wide range of emotional and psychological problems like personal discomfort, anxiety, depression, low esteem etc. through appropriate coping skills in individual sessions as per the child’s needs. Our endeavor at D.A.V.is to promote healthy and harmonious growth of the child to give able minded and competent citizens to the society.
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