DAV Model School Sector - 15, Chandigarh

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Library plays a dominant role in catering to education, information and recreational requirements of the institution. We at DAV-15 have a well-stocked and rich collection of books on various subjects. Approximately 3000 reference books, covering topics like dictionaries, atlas, science, history, geography, art and books of knowledge encyclopedias etc. 35 journals & magazine and 10 newspapers are an easy access for the students & teachers. In the school timetable library period is allotted to every class once in a week. They pick up the books of their choice from the shelves. The school library is air- conditioned and can accommodate 50 students. Adjoining the library is a reading room, which has a capacity to accommodate 20 students.

Library Facilities
  • Size of the library in Sq. feet : 1850 sq feet
  • No of preodicals: 05
  • No. of Dailies : 16
  •  No. of reference books class-wise : 3000
  • No. of magazines : 35
  • Others : fiction – 2000, text-2500, general -1100
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