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Guidance and Counselling  
Guidance and Counselling is considered an integral part of the total educational process as it helps in achieving educational objectives for overall development of children and youth.  Guidance and counselling services in schools have gained significance as they provide for the holistic development of the individual.

Guidance and counselling program of our school helps to equip the students with problem solving skills and life skills, especially in the areas of
  • Managing stress and anger;
  • Raising self-esteem;
  • Enhancing decision making skills;
  • Inculcating leadership qualities;
  • Effective communication skills;
  • Improving interpersonal skills.
  • We aim to create aware, responsible and empowered learners.

Assessment of thinking, emotional and scientific skills
Life skills related assessment (assessment related to testing of self esteem, self efficacy, anxiety, decision making  and leadership qualities) is carried out by the school counsellor.
Based upon the detailed profiling of the tests used, several effective interventions are provided for the students to improve upon their problem areas.
Workshop for parents
Besides working with the students, we also carry out regular interactions with the parents and work with them in order to provide the most effective solutions to the children. Parenting workshops are also carried that focus on positive parenting solutions for specific age groups. These workshops focus on discipline related issues and behaviour modification strategies.
Special Educator
As  recommended by CBSE, differently  abled children are helped by special educator. She visits school on regular basis and interacts with their teachers and parents to assist them in the process of teaching and learning of these children.
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