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Examination Rules  







1.            All school rules must be observed throughout the entire examination.

2.            Students to wear  proper school uniforms on the days of exams and carry school I.Cards.

3.            Students are required to bring their own writing and mathematical instruments.  No borrowing, lending or exchange of any materials is allowed during the exam.

4.            Absentees must produce original medical certificates from approved clinics or hospitals.  No parents’ letter will be accepted.  Students who are absent without valid reasons will be given a “0” for the paper.

5.            A student will be given “0” if he or she is caught cheating in the exam.

6.            No mobile phones or electronic gadgets that can store, transmit, receive data or information are allowed.

7.            Students must not talk, whisper, do hand signal or any other form of verbal or non-verbal communication during the exam.  Such actions will be considered as having the intention to cheat.

8.            Students must be seated at their assigned desks by 8.15 am sharp.

9.            Students who are late will not be given extra time and not allowed to leave the Examination Hall till the completion of the Examination time.

10.        Only essential writing materials are allowed on the student’s desk.  All bags, books and any unauthorised materials should be left outside the examination hall.

11.        Students are to follow any instructions given by the invigilators and instructions stated on the question paper. Failure to follow instructions stated on the question paper or given by the invigilators may lead to students being penalised.

12.        Students are advised that good time management is essential.  They should not spend too much time on few questions and leave no time for others.

13.        Students are advised to read the questions carefully. No marks are awarded for information not asked for in the questions.

14.        Students should write their answers legibly in black or blue ink.  Pens or pencils of other colours may be used for maps and diagrams only.


 Examination Committee                                                                                   Principal                                                                                                          




Instructions to Invigilators during Examination

1.  Please implement the code of conduct for students during examination.

2.  Examination duty is compulsory. In case of emergency, report to COE.

3. All invigilators must reach to respective examination hall before 10 minutes of the examination schedule time.

4. Question papers will be made available by the respective Co-ordinators in each examination hall.

5. All invigilators must maintain Decorum in the examination hall.

6. Invigilators should not carry mobile phones to the Examination hall under any circumstances.

7. Please check the students have occupied their respective seats according to seating plan.

8. Distribute the answer books and questions papers to the students before 10 minutes of the examination and ask them to fill all the details in the answer book.

9.  15 minutes reading time as directed by CBSE should be given.

10. The invigilators are required to sign with date in the main answer books

11. Take the signature of the students on the attendance sheet and maintain attendance record of the examination hall.

12. Invigilators must be vigilant and should not engage in any other work throughout the Examination.

13. Please move in the examination hall to prevent indiscipline / copying.

14. Should not leave examination hall during examination period. In case of urgency, report to COE.

15 Distribute the supplement answer books / graph sheets to the students when

requested by students.

16 Instruct the students to tie their supplement answer books before 5 minutes of the

end of the examination time.

17. No Candidate should be permitted to leave the Examination Hall till the completion of the Examination time.

18 Once examination is completed, Answer books will be collected by concerned  coordinators  from the examination hall.

19 Evaluated Answer books and Award list should be submitted to the Examination committee within stipulated time..

20. In case of any discrepancies, the matter may be brought to the notice of the COE immediately.


Examination Committee                                                                                    Principal                                                                                                          






(a) Identity Card

(b) Stationery item i.e. Transparent Pouch, Geometry / Pencil Box, Blue / Royal

Blue Ink / Ball Point / Gel Pen, Scale,, Eraser, Analogue Watch

(d) Transparent water bottle

(e) Sanitizer in small transparent bottle

(e) Face Mask

(f) Disposable hand gloves


(a) Any stationery item–such as textual

material (printed or written), bits of papers,

Calculator , Log Table (shall be

provided by the centres), Electronic Pen/

Scanner, etc.

(b) Any communication device–such as

Mobile Phone, Bluetooth, Earphones,


(c) Other items like Wallet, Goggles, Handbags, pouches, etc.

(d) Any eatable item opened or packed.

(e) Any other item which could be used for unfair means.


- School Uniform




These guidelines have been framed as per the various instructions issued by Govt of India to avoid spread of Covid-19


Conduct of examination is mainly divided into following three areas–

1. Pre conduct of examination

2. Conduct of examination

3. Post conduct of examination



1. Pre conduct of examination:-


Coordinators will make following preparations in getting ready the Examination Centre for the conduct of examination:-



1.1 Entire Examination Centre willbe disinfected by spraying the disinfection liquid of 1% Sodium Hypochlorite on all tables, desk, floors, walls, doors, gates, washrooms etc.

1.2 All door handles, staircase &  railing will be disinfected.

1.3 Arrangements for spare mask and gloves will be made at the Examination Centre to meet requirements.

1.4 The sanitizer bottles for making it available at the entry gate of the examination centre, at prominent places, in control room,outside the lift on each floor etc.

1.5 Liquid handwash be made available in restroom.

1.6 All dust bins be made clean and getready for its use by fitting disposable garbage bag.

1.7 The sick/medical room should be made ready by providing minimum desired drugs and other essential items like face mask, clean bed etc. Proper instructions should also be displayed how to treat any patient during the conduct of examination with all precautions.

1.8 Medical room be also disinfected and get ready to meet any emergency. Attendant appointed should remain present in sick room.

1.9 A doctor may be arranged on call basis in case of emergency.

1.10 Proper marking on ground to maintain social distancing outside the entry gate and at other locations wherever it is required.

1.11 Advisory instructions be displayed outside the Examination Centre and inside the Examination Centre to guide the candidates and their parents to follow the instructions strictly.

1.12 A meeting with the staff to be assigned duty in the examinations be convened probably offline and online where they should be guided about the guidelines to be followed and for them preparation to be made by them in the examination centre.

1.13 Allow cross ventilation of air in the examination rooms,

1.14 Sitting arrangements will be as per the guide


2. Conduct of examination:-


During the conduct of Examination following precautions need to be taken:-

2.1 Candidates will be allowed to enter in the examination rooms by maintaining social distancing norms.

2.2 At entry, there body temperature of the candidates will be checked with Infrared thermometer. In case, temperature is <37.4˚C/99.4˚F, candidates will be directed to go to

allotted examination room.

2.3 In case, temperature is >37.4˚C/99.4˚F,candidates will be taken to sickroom where they will be rested for some time before measuring body temperature again. If temperature

is within permissible limit, they will be directed to go to the allotted examination room. In case, temperature is beyond permissible limit, arrangement in separate room be made for appearing in examination if candidate is willing to appear in examinations.

2.4 Candidates be allowed to sit on their allotted seat one by one by maintaining social distancing.

2.5 Teacher on Duty will distribute the Answer Sheets from the back side of the room so that their faces will remain in the same direction as that of the candidates.

2.6 The Question Paper will also be distributed in the similar manner.

2.7 Similar precaution be taken while Answer Sheets are collected at the end of examination.

2.8 If, invigilator is required to assistthe candidate to resolve any issue,

 they will need to sanitize their hands before and afterwards withoutremoving gloves.

2.9 Instructions be issued by the Invigilator to the candidates that when examination is over candidate will leave the room one by one only which will be supervised by coordiantors.

2.10 Once the examination is over, oneby one candidate be allowed to leave the room by maintaining social distancing norms.

2.11 All the candidates be directed before the examination is over that they will


immediately leave the examination centre after the examination is over and not make any group neither rinside the Examination Centre nor outside the Examination Centre.

2.12 Candidates will not stay in the school premises.


2.13 Candidates will also ensure that they   are not leaving any article in the examination .

2.14 Candidates will not shake hands or hug their peers.


3. Post conduct of examination:-


3.1 All safety guidelines be used while Answer Sheets are deposited in control room.

3.2 All will ensure social distancing norms.

3.3 During this period too, mask andhand gloves will be used.

3.4 Once the allotted responsibility is over, gloves will be disposed off inclosed bin.

3.5 Garbage will be disposed of at the end as per the guidelines issued by local authorities.

3.6 Record will be maintained of all officials assigned the responsibility of conduct of examination for any future need.


4  Arrangement at Entry/Exit Gate

4.1 Based on the number of candidates appearing in the examination, multiple entry/exit points, if need be, be made available for the entry/exit of the candidates.

4.2 Demarcation may be made outside the entry gate for maintaining social distancing for the candidates when reporting/leaving the examination.

4.3 No physical frisking of the candidates is allowed.

4.4 No parent be allowed to enter ithe school campus and instruction may also be displayed outside the examination centre for the parents to ensure social distancing norms, wear mask and allow candidates to enter into the examination centre.

4.5 Necessary arrangement for thermal scanning and hand sanitizer be made at the entry gate(s).


5. Arrangement in Examination Rooms

5.1       For ensuring social distancing norms not more than 12 candidates are allotted in one class room.

5.2 COVID related instructions may be written on the blackboard for adhering by the candidates

5.3 Teachers on Duty and all the candidates in the room should cover the face with mask and wear hand gloves.

5.4 Doors of the examination rooms will remain open for cross ventilation.

5.6 All will bring their own transparent water bottle.

5.7 Candidates will refrain themselves from interchanging or loaning any stationery items etc.

5.8 Only 01 candidate be allowed to use the facility of the toilet at a time




  • Soon teachers on duty will reach the venue, they will first wash their hands with soap and water.
  • They will carry hand sanitizer along with them.
  • They will carry their own drinking water.
  • They should try to avoid contact with unknown persons.
  • They will throw used tissue/ face mask into closed bins immediately after use.
  • Everyone will maintain good hygiene in toilets during and after use.
  • They should not touch eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • They will not shake hands or hug at any cost while greeting. Do ‘Namaste’.
  • They will refrain themselves from spitting in public places.
  • All staff put on duty should install Aarogya Setu app and regularly update their health status on the app.




Candidates are permitted to carry following items:-

  • All candidates will carry pocket hand sanitizer (50ml.) in transparent bottle.
  • Mask to cover the face
  • Hand gloves only on hands
  • Transparent water bottle for their personal use
  • Identity Card
  • Candidates will cover their nose and mouth with mask.
  • Candidates will follow social distancing norms stricty
  • Candidates will carry their own drinking water.
  • Candidates will not exchange or loan articles.
  • Candidates will use safe mode of transportation for coming to the examination centre and returning back home.
  • Candidates will follow all instructions displayed in school and communicated to them.
  • Candidates should try to avoid contact with unknown persons.
  • Candidates will throw used tissue/ face mask into closed bins immediately after use.
  • Candidates will maintain good hygiene in toilets during and after use.
  • Candidates should not touch eyes,



  • They should ensure that their ward is carrying pocket hand sanitizer in transparent bottle, hand gloves, transparent drinking water bottle and only other permissible stationary items only while going to the examination centre.
  • They should ensure that their ward has covered nose and mouth with face mask.
  • They should guide their ward to follow social distancing norms strictly.
  • They should instruct their ward not to exchange or loan articles.
  • They should ensure that their ward uses safe mode of transportation for going to the examination centre and returning back home.
  • They should instruct their ward to follow all instructions displayed in school and communicated to them.
  • In case their ward is not feeling well, they should consult the doctor and act as per the advice given by him.
  • They should instruct their ward to avoid contact with unknown persons.
  • They should instruct their ward to throw used tissue/ face mask into closed bins immediately after use.
  • They should guide their ward on the other important guidelines issued by Government of India to avoid spreading of COVID-19 and to protect themselves.
  • All stakeholders will follow other guidelines issued by Government of India from time to time.