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Examination Rules  
1.            All school rules must be observed throughout the entire examination.
2.​   Students to wear  proper school uniforms on the days of exams and carry school I.Cards.
3.            Students are required to bring their own writing and mathematical instruments.  No borrowing, lending or exchange of any materials is allowed during the exam.
4.            Absentees must produce original medical certificates from approved clinics or hospitals.  No parents’ letter will be accepted.  Students who are absent without valid reasons will be given a “0” for the paper.
5.            A student will be given “0” if he or she is caught cheating in the exam.
6.            No mobile phones or electronic gadgets that can store, transmit, receive data or information are allowed.
7.            Students must not talk, whisper, do hand signal or any other form of verbal or non-verbal communication during the exam.  Such actions will be considered as having the intention to cheat.
8.            Students must be seated at their assigned desks by 8.15 am sharp.
9.            Students who are late will not be given extra time and not allowed to leave the Examination Hall till the completion of the Examination time.
10.        Only essential writing materials are allowed on the student’s desk.  All bags, books and any unauthorised materials should be left outside the examination hall.
11.        Students are to follow any instructions given by the invigilators and instructions stated on the question paper. Failure to follow instructions stated on the question paper or given by the invigilators may lead to students being penalised.
12.        Students are advised that good time management is essential.  They should not spend too much time on few questions and leave no time for others.
13.        Students are advised to read the questions carefully. No marks are awarded for information not asked for in the questions.
14.        Students should write their answers legibly in black or blue ink.  Pens or pencils of other colours may be used for maps and diagrams only.

Guidelines/Instructions for the Invigilators:

1. All of you are instructed to give examination duty very diligently. Be in the examination

room well in time.

2. Ask the students to keep their books, note books, mobile phones and their written

materials at the front of the room/outside the room.

2. Check whether the students have occupied their seats as per the seating arrangement.

3. Distribute answer books to the students at least 10 minutes before the start of the

examination and ask them to fill in correct details on the front page of the answer books,

4. Distribute the question papers to the students at the beginning of the examination,

5. Check the identity cards of the students and sign on their answer books, if all details are


6. Take the signature of students on the attendance proforma, mark “AB” for absent students

and maintain the attendance record of his/her examination hall,

7. Distribute the supplements, graph papers to the students as and when demanded by the


8. Maintain general discipline in the classroom by frequently moving in the examination hall

and preventing any malpractices or attempt of copying by students.

9. Report cases of misbehavior,indiscipline and copying cases of students to the

Examination incharge for further necessary action,

10. Give instructions to the students to tie their supplements 10 minutes before the end of


11. Collect the answer books from the students at the end of examination and arrange them

sequentially as per the examination seat numbers of students .

12. Hand over the answer books to the respective coordinators.

13, Do not let the students leave the examination room before 11:30 AM and drop your

students till gate after the exam.


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