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Education entails that its subjects acquire a variety of knowledge. It begins with the acquisition of elementary knowledge—that is to say, literacy—on the  part  of  the youngest  members  of  society.It is  at  this  juncture  that  the  institution,  which  provides  this very vital aspect of proper growth of every child, becomes crucial. Education is not restricted to mere study of various mundane subjects, but has now encompassed  within  its  fold very vast and essential elements of character building, outdoor and extra curricular activities, and other holistic pursuits, which help  in an  overall personality  development  of  every child.The child undergoes varied changes at different stages of life. In the initial stage, children are brimming with immense energy, which is channelized through a plethora  of  activities. Harnessing the dormant and often latent potential  of  every child, and empowering him or her with the knowledge beyond classroom teaching, has been  our  constant  endeavor  towards their  overall  development.We, at DAV School, have been enormously successful in achieving the goal of moulding children through various clubs that have been formed, which provide ample opportunity to allow them in exercising and honing their creative talents. The girls in our hostel are encouraged to imbibe vedic culture coupled with modern educational outlook which then emboldens them to face every adversity with supreme confidence.The trust we repose in our students has  been  repaid  manifold by the multitude of recognitions and achievements made  by them in various fields and their Careers.

Mrs. Anuja Sharma

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