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DAV Movements  
Maharishi  Dayanand  Saraswati was a Hindu spiritual leader and a social reformer of the 19th century. He was responsible for the revival of the Indian educational system by bringing together pupils from different strata of society in one class room. A great philosopher and a political thinker, he was most  famous as the founder of Arya Samaj.
Arya Samaj, a radical and a progressive movement with a call back to Vedas was founded in the last quarter of the 19th century by Maharishi Dayanand  Saraswati . Maharishi, the great path maker of Modern India, spear headed the Indian Renaissance. Dayanand was not only a social and a religious reformer, a scholar and a philosopher and educationist and a great patriot, but also a great harbinger  of truth and love, a benefactor of mankind. Truth was indeed the most dominant passion of his life. His whole life was a search for truth. He was a believer of universal brotherhood. 
Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati believed that salvation of India lay in following the teachings and path laid down by our great Rishis in our sacred Vedas. 
After Dayanand, a group of his enlightened and socially oriented followers, decided to set up in his memory temples of learning, schools and colleges on the objective which was most dear to him. In order to realize his dream with his noble purpose in view, they laid the foundation of Dayanand Anglo Vedic College Trust and Management Society which was registered in 1886. Thus was heralded the dawn of the D.A.V. Movement which continues to pursue relentlessly its mission to bring about National Resurrection and awakening ever since 1886, through the medium of sound, progressive value  based educational system.
The D.A.V.College Trust and Management Society is more than hundred years old. This is now the biggest non-government educational organization in India .It covers broadly the entire spectrum of educational activities in the country. There are 700 educational institutions which include Arts and Science Colleges, Colleges of Education Commerce and Law, Technical institutions and Polytechnics, Ayurvedic  Colleges, Dental Colleges, D.A.V. Pharmacy Vedic Research Institutes and High Schools apart from D.A.V.Public Schools all over India. This organization is at the pinnacle of success with the opening of D.A.V. University at Jalandhar.


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