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School Faculty  
Our teaching Staff is highly qualified. Staff training programs are compulsory and carefully tailored to suit the needs of each teacher.
The teachers are concerned not only with imparting knowledge to the student, but also with the moral and spiritual development of each individual student. The school feels proud of the Staff, as it has held up the reputation and integrity of the institution for the past 40 years. Year after year such members are added to the faculty.
The winners and achievers of the school are proud product of the teaching fraternity of the school.
Name of Faculty Highest Academic Qualification  Highest Professional Qualification  Type of Teacher  Cadre  Nature of Appointment  Date of Joining in Present School
ANUJA SHARMA M.A., M.Phil B.Ed Principal Principal Regular 06/06/2015
SUNITA SAROHA M.Sc B.Ed Teacher PGT Regular 07/01/1987
RUPA M.A. (Hindi) B.Ed. Teacher PGT Regular 01/10/1988
RASHMI SUD M.A. (Music) B.Ed.  Teacher PGT Regular 01/01/1991
SANGEETA M.A. (Maths) B.Ed. Teacher PGT Regular 01/08/1991
BANDHANA SHARMA M.Sc. (Bio) B.Ed.  Teacher PGT Regular 20/10/1992
ANSHU CHUGH M.Com. (Accounts) B.Ed.  Teacher PGT Regular 15/12/1992
HARJEET KAUR Post Graduate M.P.Ed. Teacher PGT Regular 12/04/1996
SANGEETA ADLAKHA M.Sc. (Chem) B.Ed. Teacher PGT Regular 16/07/1994
VIKRAM Post Graduate Dped , Mped Teacher PGT Regular 18/08/1994
RENU KAUL M.A. (English) B.Ed., CC in French Teacher PGT Regular 13/07/1995
ANAMIKA VANMALI M.Sc. (Chem) B.Ed. Teacher PGT Regular 15/09/1998
RAJIV CHUGH Ph.D B.Ed., PGDCA Teacher PGT Regular 13/07/2000
JAISHI KHOSLA M.A.(Eco), M.Phil,  M.Ed. Teacher PGT Regular 14/11/2003
GEETA GARG M.A. (Psychology).,  B.Ed. Teacher PGT Regular 12/07/2004
SUMITA SACHDEVA M.Com. B.Ed Teacher PGT Regular 09/07/2005
ARUNA AHUJA M.Sc(CS).,M.A. (Eco) B.Ed., PGDCA Teacher PGT Regular 25/07/2005
RAJI GOYAL M.Sc, M. Phil B.Ed Teacher PGT Regular 25/07/2005
RAJNI CHATWAL M. A. B.Ed. Teacher PGT Regular 12/07/2005
RANJU RAMPAL M.Com B.Ed. Teacher PGT Regular 18/04/2006
SANJAY BAJAJ M.A.(P.Sc., His, Eng,Socio) B.Ed, MBA  Teacher PGT Regular 02/11/2006
SAPNA PURI M.A.(English) B.Ed. (Eng., Hindi, Sc.) Teacher TGT Regular 04/04/1989
RAJNEESH BHARDWAJ B.A B.P.Ed. Teacher TGT Regular 16/08/1992
JYOTI A MAHAJAN M.A. Music, Prabhakar B.Ed. Teacher TGT Regular 06/09/1993
BHAVNA BHAMBRI M.A. (Hindi) B.Ed. Teacher TGT Regular 01/01/1995
MONIKA SHARMA B.F.A., (Fine Arts) B.F.A., (Fine Arts) Teacher TGT Regular 01/07/1998
JEEWAN JOYTI B.Sc. B.Ed. Teacher TGT Regular 24/01/2005
HEMA PUNJ B.Sc., M.A. B.Ed., PGDCA Teacher TGT Regular 12/05/2003
SAMITA BEHL M. A.(Eco), M. Phil B.Ed. Teacher TGT Regular 01/05/2007
RASHMI BHARDWAJ M.Phil  B.Ed.M.Ed. Teacher TGT Regular 11/09/2008
SUSHMA SHARMA B.A. NTT Teacher PRT (Nursery) Regular 01/05/1996
MINAKSHI SOOD M.A NTT Teacher PRT (Nursery) Regular 13/07/1996
RAMESH KR ARYA M.A. (Hindi & Sanskrit) Shastri Vidya Vachaspati Teacher PRT Regular 06/12/1997
NEENA SOOD M.A. (Eng.) NTT. Teacher PRT Regular 16/04/2000
VANDANA SHARMA M.A. B. Ed. Teacher PRT Regular 01/08/2001
AMAR JYOTI M.A., DISM PGDCA Teacher PRT Regular 01/09/2003
SANGEETA GILL M.Sc. (Maths) B.Ed. Teacher PRT Regular 17/12/2003
MEENA KUMARI M.Sc. PGDCA Teacher PRT Regular 18/08/2003
POOJA DIXIT M.A. M.Ed. Teacher PRT Regular 25/02/2009
MANISHA MA (Eng) B.Ed. Teacher PRT Regular 04/04/2009
ANJULI KUMARI B.A B.Ed., NTT Teacher PRT Regular 16/01/2012
SHIKHA RISHI B.A. NTT Teacher PRT Regular 17/01/2012
SHEFALI NAYAR B.Com.  D.E.C.Ed. Teacher PRT Regular 14/07/2014
SHALINI SHUKLA B.A. NTT Teacher PRT Regular 14/07/2014
DALER SINGH Grdauate (Music) Sangeet Prabhakar Teacher PRT Regular 04/11/2009
HARPREET SINGH M.Sc B.Ed Teacher TGT Contract 02/04/2018
PRIYANKA SHARMA M.A(Eco.) B.Ed Teacher TGT Contract 02/04/2019
NARINDER SAINI M.Sc (Math) B.Ed,CTET Teacher TGT (Mathematics) Contract 08/04/2021
SANTOKH SINGH M.A. (Pbi) B.Ed, UGC, PTET Teacher TGT (Punjabi) Contract 07/04/2021
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