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Summer Camp2021  



 Inaugration Video  Link :https://youtu.be/wmSD8ZOW5fY


                                  INAUGURATION  OF NIKHAR  SHASHTI  ( GOYECAED 2021 )                               

 (Group of young environmentalists)



31st May ,2021

NIKHAR SHASHTI a six day Awareness Virtual  Summer Camp,yearly annual feature, sixth of its kind to hone the 21st century skills including creative and critical potentialities of the young environmentalists was inaugurated by  Mrs Anuja Sharma, Principal, DAV MODEL SCHOOL, SECTOR 15 A,CHANDIGARH. She highlighted the importance of the virtual camp based on the theme ,"Care for environment "to help young impressionable minds to grow, develop and evolve .as "GOYECAED" , a group of young environmentalists in eco friendly conditions. 

All  the staff members and students from classes Pre Nursery to XII enthusiastically participated in the camp through the arena of online virtual meet.The duration of the camp was 1 hour from 9:30am to 10 :30am and chiselled cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of students. 

The special theme of the camp  based on Environment comprises of making manure from organic waste, creation of planters ,paper mache ,piggy bank,key holder, Terrarium, cloth bags, naturopathic liquids, bird feeders,water station and bird house.So with the aim to stay home and to stay safe .

Day 1 of the camp centered around the  creative skills of making organic manure from vegetable peels and creating  planters to ensure skill and competency based education about environmental protection.Videos were shared for making planters and manure and students made them in the virtual meet under the able guidance of their mentors.

 This camp gave a creative impetus to children by engaging in experiential learning activities, competency based education and application of innovative ideas to ensure joyful learning experiences.These activities also  accentuated a peep into experiential learning of eco friendly innovative methodologies and strategies.


Paper Mache and wonderful Exhibits

1 June ,2021


Day 2 of online Virtual camp was  organised for the students of DAV Model School Sector 15 Chandigarh from class Pre Nursery to 12.Principal,Mrs Anuja Sharma motivated the students to be creative by indulging in hands on activities with paper mache. Videos exhibiting  innovative ways to unleash creative potentialities were shown virtually to the students.Students of classes Pre Nursery to 12 enthusiastically participated in hands on activities with paper mache  under the able guidance of their mentors. The students learnt to make wonderful  paper mache  piggy banks, key holders and mirror frames  by engaging in experiential learning activities. It provided a great opportunity to learn in an innovative and joyful manner. The students enjoyed learning by doing and were overwhelmed to be involved in making key holders, mirror frames and colourful piggy banks.Videos,slides and creative skills were exhibited by students

Day 3   Preparation of Terrarium 

Getting Close to Nature

2 June , 2021

To achieve eco friendly environment naturally, students of DAV 15,Chd made Terrariums with lot of vigour and zeal along with their mentors. The Principal,Mrs Anuja Sharma highlighted the need to spread awareness to get close to nature among young environmentalists . She motivated the students to create natural setting's with green plants, manure and decorative pebbles.This activity enabled  them to be creative and  become confident young ambassadors of green World.Green Terrariums made by the students helped them to learn competency based skills to think critically and creatively. They shared their videos,images and exhibited colourful terrariums  prepared by them.The aim.of making terrariums to  get close to nature was the main motivational factor by the teachers to ensure all round holistic development of students


Making paper bags and cloth bags (A Stitch in time saves environment

3 June , 2021

The way to a persons well being is achieved through various strategies and innovative experiential activities with  various reusable items .With this aim to reach the  physical and mental wellness of the green warriors ,  the teachers of DAV 15  under the able guidance of the Principal,Mrs Anuja Sharma helped the students to reuse,recycle and reinvent eco friendly environment protective paper and cloth bags  . 

She reinforced all the students to participate in bag making activity with lot of enthusiastic zeal and conscious efforts to protect environment.Students were given the list of materials to make special paper and cloth bags.The students learnt valuable tips  for making beautiful eco-friendly bags with reusable items like used dupattas,laces,ribbons and various accessories.They were also apprised about the benefits of using these bags.

They shared their videos and some of them wrote the articles based on ways to protect environment. Students also wrote slogans and made colourful posters to promote eco-friendly environment for the benefit of all the inhabitants of the planet Earth.

Day 5 Of Summer camp(Dadi Maa Ke Nuskhe - NATUROPATHY)


The way to a persons health is through sumptuous food and rich immunity boosters offered to him.With this aim to reach the hearts of young environmentalists, the teachers of DAV 15 helped to prepare  immunity boosters  under the able guidance of Principal, Mrs Anuja Sharma .She taught the importance of medicinal herbs and spices available in the home kitchen .She brought forth the long term benefits of using them in making immunity detox, pastes and oils .

Students were given the list of ingredients to make special concoctions, pastes and oils.The students learnt valuable tips  for making Hing water  concoction , immunity detox,honey pepper paste, turmeric milk, garlic water, use of cloves and turmeric oil.They were also apprised about the benefits of immunity drinks,pastes and oils.They shared their videos and some of them wrote the articles on the importance of immunity boosters.The activities reinforced and boosted the morale of students to fight with various infections, injuries and wounds.All the students from Class Pre Nursery to 12 enjoyed the day initiating Naturopathy with lot of energetic vigour and zeal.




DAY 6 (Save birds, Save Humanity)

Bird feeders, Water station and bird house

During the  current pandemic days, an innovative initiative was taken by  the Principal,Mrs Anuja Sharma and teachers of DAV Model School Sector 15 Chandigarh to refresh and rejuvenate the young impressionable minds with creative amazing activities to save birds and serve  humanity.This activity aimed at honing  creative potentialities   of students to respect biodiversity.All  the students from.classes Pre Nursery to 12 enjoyed  making bird houses,bird feeders and water stations of different colours, shapes,sizes and above all with reusable items at home.They learnt to take care of birds as an important part of ecosystem.The excitement, vibrancy and exuberant zeal of all the students was showcased in the wonderful specimens of bird feeders, bird houses and water stations.

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