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Fit India Movement  

Fit India Movement Dec 2020



FIT India Week

The school is celebrating Fit India Week from 7 Dec 2020 to 12 Dec 2020 under the aegis of CBSE.The first day was initiated with the virtual assembly in which Free hand exercises, skipping was conducted. Students participated with full vigour and enthusiasm 



Tuesday, December 8, 2020
Symposium on “ Re- strengthening of mind post pandemic a mental fitness activity conducted in class by Shailly.This excellent activity will rejuvenate the learner’s & make a balance in their life strengthening them to remain fit in the face of the pandemic.Followed by open mic activity on ‘Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment what you ate’ conducted in class by Gurleen & Sugandha.
Wednesday, December 9, 2020
Advertisement and poster making  activities on the topic “ Hum Fit  Toh India Fit "were conducted by the students of 11 Arts. 
These excellent activities motivated the learner’s to  remain fit and healthy during the crucial challenging times of Covid Pandemic.
They enhanced physical and mental well being of the students as it's rightly said ,"A healthy mind stays in healthy body".
So when you make fitness your priority  , you are only setting up yourself for greatness.
10 Dec 2020
Fourth day of fit India school week celebration 
  •.  Eassay / poem
   •.  Movie making
Fifth day of fit India school week celebration 
• online quiz 
• virtual challenge s
Squats challenge 
Step up challenge 
Spot jogging 
Rope skipping 
Ball dribbling 
Last and Sixth day of fit India school week celebration 
• Family fitness 
• ladder on the floor


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