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Bhajan Prabhat
Event Start Date : 30/10/2023 Event End Date 30/11/2023

 30th October 2023

Bhajan Prabhat

An auspicious Bhajan Prabhat , commemorating Nirvan Diwas of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Ji , Bhajan Prabhat was organised on 30 th October 2023 under the aegis of Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Upsabha in the protals of DAV 15 chandigarh. As a divine amalgamation of values of Arya Samaj , melodious echoes of chants of Vedic Mantra’s, spreading happiness and contentment could be heard in the vicinity of the school.
The idea behind these celebrations has its strong foundation in age old traditions and values as laid down by Arya Samaj acknowledging and appreciating the contribution of Swami Dayanand Ji for the upliftment of education. The Principal Mrs. Anuja Sharma, teachers and students of DAV-15 rejuvenated with the blessings of Arya Samaj created and evolved religious and pious ambience.
Shri H.R Gandhar, Vice President DAV CMC ,Principal , Sh R C Jeewan , Vice Chairman of the school, Principal Sofat Treasurer DAVCMC , Sh B.C.Josan, President , Arya Samaj , Principal Mrs Madhu Bahl, Manager of the school, Chairperson CCPCR , Shipra Bansal , ADGP Railways Punjab,Mrs Shashi Prabha, AGDP Mrs Vibhu Raj , Lokpal Punjab presided the pious Prabhat with their benign presence.
The Prabhat was also attended by LMC members, PTA Members, Arya Samajists, Local Community of Sector 15, Alumni and Principals from Tricity .
Principal Mrs. Anuja Sharma felt elated to organize this pious Bhajan Prabhat showcasing the ideals of Arya Samaj.
Approximately 300 students and teachers from Classes 1 to XII participated in the chanting of Bhajans. An Essay Writing Competition was also organized in which students from DAV and other schools participated with lots of enthusiasm for which the prizes were awarded to deserving candidates.
“Today this morning seeked to be the torch bearer of society by melodious chants of bhajans promoting peace and universal brotherhood .”

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