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Assignment for Science  

Assignments of Science


Downloadable Files


 Worksheet-12, 3,
 Worksheet-2 (Summer Season),
 Worksheet-3 (ME, Myself),
 Worksheet-4 (Modes of Transport), (My Body),
 Worksheet-5 (Body Picture Matching),
Worksheet-6 (Myself),
 Worksheet-7 (Family Tree),
 Worksheet-8 (Modes of Transport),

 Worksheet-9 (Sense Organs),
 Draw Animals (Video)


 Worksheet-4 (Spring Yoga),
 Our Sense Organs (PPT)


 Worksheet-3 (All About Me),
 Worksheet-4 (Good Manners),
 Worksheet-5 (Source of Light),
 Worksheet-6 (Guess Who am I),
 Worksheet-7 (Living or Non-Living),
 Worksheet-8 (Let's Classify, Alive and Not Alive),
 Worksheet-9 (Living or Non Living)


 Chapter-1 & 2 (My Body & Plant Around Us)PPT (Plants Around Us),

 Assignment Chapter-1 & 2
 Chapter-1 (Worksheet 1 & 2),

 Chapter-3 & 4 (Leaf & Importance of Plants)PPT (Leaf),

 Assignment Chapter -3(Leaf)

 Chapter-4(Importance of Plants)
 Chapter-5 & 6 (Animals & Feeding Habits of Animals),

 Assignment Chapter - 5 & 6
 Chapter-7 & 8 (Birds and their Nest & Food),

 Assignment Chapter - 7 & 8 (Birds and their Nest & Food)
 Chapter-9 & 10 (Cooking & Eating Habits & Water),

 Assignment Chapter - 9 & 10 (Cooking & Eating Habits and Water)
 My Body (PPT)


 Chapter-1 & 2 (My Body & Plants)PPT (My Body),

 Assignment-Ch-1 & 2 (My Body & Plants)
 Chapter-3 & 4 (Flowers and Fruits, Plants Around Us)PPT (Flowers and Fruits),

 Assignment Ch-3 & 4
 PPT-2 (Flowers & Fruits),
 Chapter-5 & 6 (Birds-Beaks and Claws & Insects),

 Assignment Ch-5 & 6(Birds - Beaks and Claws & Insects)
 Chapter-7 & 8 (Food & Water Scarcity and Conservation of Water)

 Assignment - Ch-7 & 8 (Food & Water Scarcity and Conservation of Water)
 Chapter 9 & 10 (Safe Handling and Storage of Water, Water Pollution)

 Assignment - Ch9 & 10(Safe Handling and Storage of Water, Water Pollution)


 Chapter-1 & 2 (My Body & Plants),

 Assignment-Ch-1 & 2 (My Body & Plants),
 Chapter-3 & 4 (Forests & Animals-Our Friends)Worksheet-1

 Chapter- 5 (Food and Health),

 Assignment - Ch-5(Food and Health)

 Assignment - Ch-6 (Spoilage and Wastage of Food and Preservation of Food)
 Chapter-6 & 7 (Spoiling and Wastage of Food and Preservation of Food & Importance of Water),

 Assignment -Chapter-7 & 8 (Importance of Water and Properties of Water)
 Chapter-8 & 9 (Properties of Water & Fuel),

 Assignment  - Chapter 9 & 10 (Fuel & Air)
 Chapter-10 & 11 (Air & Our Solar System)
 Chapter-12 (Observing the Sky)


 Chapter-1 (Our Environment) , PPT (Our Environment),

 Assignment - Chapter-1(Our Environment)

 Chapter-2 (Food)

 Assignment - Chapter-2(Food)

 Chapter-3 (Nature of Matter),

 Assignment - Chapter-3(Nature of Matter)
 Chapter-4 (Separation of Substances),  PPT (Separation of Substances),

 Assignment - Chapter-4 &5(Seperation of Substances & Changes Around Us)
 Resource-1 (Food),
 Resource-2 (Nature of Matter)


 Chapter-1 (Nutrition in Living Organisms),
 PPT-1 (Nutrition in Living Organisms)PPT-2 (Nutrition in Living Organisms),
 Chapter-2 (Nutrition-Animals & Man),
 Chapter-3 (Chemical Substances & Processes),
 Chapter-4 (Acids, Bases and Salts)


 Chapter-1 (The Cell-Its Structure and Function),
 Chapter-2 (Microorganisms)(PPT),

 Assignment- Chapter 1 &2(The cell - Its Structure and Function & Microorganism)
 Chapter-3 (Metals & Non-Metals),
 Chapter-4 (Force & Pressure),
 Chapter-5 (Friction),

 Resource-1 (PPT) (Referection & Dispersion),
 Resource-2 (PPT-1) (Force & Pressure)PPT-2
 Chemical Effects of Electric Current (PPT),
 Combustion (PPT),
 Sources of Energy (PPT)
 Star and Solar System (PPT)


 Chapter-1 (Force & Laws of Motion)PPT-1(Motion)PPT-2(Motion)Worksheet (Cell),
 Chapter-2 (The Basic Structure of a Cell),

 Chapter-4(Diversity in Living Things)
 Biology-Chapter-2(Tissues), Crop Production & Management-PPTWorksheet,
 Chapter-3(Improvement in Food Resources),
 Sources of Energy (PPT),
Chapter-5(Why do we fall ill),
 Chapter-6(Natural Resources),


 Chapter-1 (Chemical Reactions & Equations),

 Chapter-4 (Heredity and Evolution)

 Chapter-5 (Sources of Energy)
 Chapter-6 (Life Process)PPTWorksheet -1
 Control and Coordination
 Metals and Non-Metals,
 Force & Pressure,
 Reproduction (PPT),
 Reflection of Light (PPT),
 Corona Virus (PPT)


 Chapter-2(Bological Classification)

 Resource-Biology (Bryophyta)Biological Classification (PPT),
 Cell Cycle and Cell Divsion (PPT)Photosynthesis (PPT-1)PPT-2

 Chapter-5 (Morphology of Flowering Plants),